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What are optional Medicaid services?
1.     Occupational therapy, Physical therapy, speech language therapy
2.     Durable medical equipment
3.     Services provided by independently practicing licensed professionals including psychologists, psychiatric social workers, and other mental health professionals
4.     Targeted case Management
5.     Prescription medication
6.     Dental care, eyeglasses
7.     Crisis response services
8.     Transportation
9.     Psychiatric inpatient services for persons aged under 21 or over 65
10.  Related services (including OT) provided by school systems to children with disabilities (note: This provision overlaps IDEA legislation and has led to questioning as to whether services to Individual children should be funded as an educational or a health care service)

What is Medicaid reform?
1.     Due to rapidly rising costs there is an increased press for cost containment
2.     States are examining ways to reformulate Medicaid benefits
3.     Reform options may Include placing caps or other Limitations on types and length of therapy, reducing or eliminating optional benefits, and/or developing and implementing managed care approaches
4.     Individual states can APPLY to the federal government for a waiver which GIVES the state flexibility in the types of services and delivery systems they Provide under Medicaid

Discuss Workers' compensation
1.     Designed to compensate employees who have Job-related illness or injuries
2.     Funded jointly by Individual employers or groups of employers and state governments
3.     Each state has a workers' compensation commission board which determines regulations for employer participation, benefit provision, employee coverage, and insurance administration
4.     Administration can be through contract with private insurance companies or through Individual employers or groups of employers who administer their own programs. This is known as Self-insuring
5.     Coverage varies from state to state, with many states initiating cost-containment measures including limits on choice of providers, use of set fee schedules, utilization review, and managed care
6.     Workers compensation programs Include cash benefits and medical benefits. OT services may be included
7.     Rehabilitation and disability Management to return the person to gainful Employment is a primary focus

What is personal payment and "Pro Bono" care?
1.     Individuals whose health insurance has discontinued Coverage of OT services may elect to pay for these services personally, providing that benefit can be derived from continued services
2.     Individuals without health insurance or with no Coverage for rehabilitative services may also pay for OT personally
3.     The services of OTs practicing in non-medical settings, (ie. wellness and prevention programs) are generally not covered by insurers so their clients must private pay
4.     "Pro Bono" or free or reduced rate care may be supported by the individual therapist's personal donation of services or through philanthropic donations

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NBCOT Exam Questions

What is Hyperopia?

What is Retinitis Pigmentosa?
decreased visual acuity, photophobia, constriction of visual field, night blindness

What is Glaucoma?
severe redness, pain in the eye, headache & nausea

What is Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma?
decreased visual acuity & peripheral fields, photophobia, no pain

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What are three main aspects of OT service delivery?

What is an OT referral?
The basic request for OT services.
May be termed order or consultation

What is an OT screening?
Acquisition of info to determine need for in depth evaluation & obtain preliminary understanding of pts needs

What is the evaluation process?
Comprehensive process of obtaining and interpreting the data necessary to understand the individual, system, or situation

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Practice Test Questions

Define briefly Echopraxia
Repetitive imitation of another person's movements

Define briefly Ideational Apraxia
Uses objects incorrectly (ex: uses toothbrush to brush hair)

What is the Cognitive Performance Test?
Based on Allen’s Cognitive Levels it is an assessment of 6 ADL tasks that require cognitive skills

What is the Barthel Index?
A measurement of a person's independence in BADLs before and after intervention and the level of personal care needed for the individual

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OT Study Guide

What is an activity synthesis?
It is the process of designing activity for OT evaluation or Intervention
It combines information from activity analysis with assessment information to meet person's needs

What are the four purposes of activity analysis and synthesis?
Teaching an activity
Determining if a person can perform activity
Adapting activity
Grading activity

What is the teaching learning process?
Process by which OT designs experiences for person's acquisition of knowledge and skills

NBCOT Exam Study Guide

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While assessing a client, the OT notices the following:
PIP joint is hyperextended & DIP is flexed
What best describes the condition?
a. Swan Neck Deformity
b. Subluxation Deformity
c. Boutonnere Deformity
d. Mallet Deformity
Correct Answer: A

NBCOT EXAM Question: Service Management

An OT is establishing a department in country long-term care hospice. When developing the policy and procedures for the documentation in the hospice, which document would me MOST useful?

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Uniform Terminology for Occupational Therapy
This document defines OT in relationship to performance areas and components. It also provides "common language" for Occupational therapists to describe individuals and their abilities.


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